The New Faces of Science

Forget American Idol, Fame Academy, Big Brother and X-Factor, FameLab is the one to watch. FameLab is looking for the new face of science! Ever since Einstein poked out his tongue for photographers and probably well before that, science, like every other field of human interest, has needed its icons. As part of the Cheltenham Science Festival, FameLab hopes to put a face to science. Science for the people is more about engagement than PUS these days, so check it out and watch out for those science idols…

Each of this year’s finalists has now done a showreel. This includes footage from the regional heats and the grand final, as well as clips filmed at a residential masterclass. You can view them all here

Author: David Bradley

Freelance science journalist, author of Deceived Wisdom. Sharp-shooting photographer and wannabe rock god.

2 thoughts on “The New Faces of Science”

  1. The short answer is 206, which includes the tiny bones of the inner ear as well as the more familiar, ribs, femurs, metatarsals, skull etc. I’ll maybe post a labelled diagram at some point. Drop me a line if that would be useful.


    PS Do confirm this number independently, as I may be bluffing and you wouldn’t want to get a poor grade for your homework assignment would you?

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