Periodic table of science blogs

Periodic table of science blogsMany, many thanks to everyone who joined in the fun and frolics in helping create the Periodic Table of Science Bloggers.

I cannot quite believe how quickly it got filled – 118 elements – having only started it on Friday after a spate of periodic posts. Thanks for all the tweets, suggestions, retweets, comments and emails. You might like to know that the final element, Ho, went to Hilary Sutcliffe’s Blog.

Apologies to everyone who suggested great sites that didn’t fit, either because the “initials” were wrong, or because their chosen element had already been taken. Maybe I should now start auctioning off elements to the highest bidder…after all it seems to be sending steady new traffic to the blogs that got an element. Maybe not, don’t want to appear too mercenary. Then again I could create a second version using a spiral or 3D periodic table, perhaps.

Thanks again for joining in and feel free to carry on linking, retweeting and sending kudos and donations… LOL

5 thoughts on “Periodic table of science blogs”

  1. The Periodic Table of Science Bloggers had its 10,000th unique visitor today. That’s an average of one viewer every minute since it went online…now if only I’d had a $1 off each of them…or better still a quid!

  2. Thanks again for including me! But is it possible to have my link (Es) go to my blog, rather than my twitter feed? The latter is not very sciencey. And I’d like a nice bio green colour, please, if it’s not too much of a hassle to change.

  3. This Table is a MUST for anybody knowledge concerned, from school kids to seasoned researchers. Thanks a lot.

  4. @Egon It’s a nice idea Egon…I’ve spent rather too long on the PT4SB as it is, so may come back to this later. Wondering whether there is some iconic chart in another discipline that might provide the necessary space…

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