Chalking one up for science vs religion

Apparently, atheists and agnostics performed very well in a survey of religious knowledge (on a par with Jews and Mormons and better than Protestants and Catholics) on questions about the core teachings, history and leading figures of major world religions. More about that here. But it wasn’t the survey I was interested in in particular rather their nice chalkboard graphic, which I’ve now adapted and sloganised.

The idea for the benzene smiley is from Tak as featured on the Reactive Reports chemistry blog.


7 thoughts on “Chalking one up for science vs religion

  1. I can accept that. However, evolution is a special case because the explanation is based on assumptions about origins that cannot be validated through either experiment or observation; same as the creation narrative. So I would just like evolutionists to acknowledge that their explanation is still a hypothesis, not a theory.

  2. That’s not really the argument at all David. The point is that perspectives on reality that are based not on evidence but fiction have no place in discussions of reality based on evidence. Analysis of the fossil record, for instance, should not discuss Noah and the supernatural placement of artefacts deep within the ground to test our faith, while cosmological models, although far from perfect, need not turn to the concept of giant tortoises piled up one on top of another regardless of how absurd they may seem to non-cosmologists.

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