Periodic Table of Science Bloggers

UPDATE: The PT is now complete. I’ve colour coded the elements to suit bio, chem, physics, space, and medicine. In all it took three days, with the last one added, Ho.

Given the intense interest and heated debate surrounding an old Sciencebase post about novel periodic tables, I thought I’d have a bit of fun with one of my own…click on an orange element to visit one of my links.

Periodic Table of David Bradley

If you’ve got a chemistry/science blog and your initials or its initials fit one of the elements that I haven’t used for my own stuff, let me know and I’ll add you to my PT.

50 thoughts on “Periodic Table of Science Bloggers”

  1. You could put under Hafnium, with New Zealand being the home of the halflings, the hobbits?

    It occurs to me that if you wanted more room you could place two blog on each, one at the top and one at the bottom of each element.

  2. Hi David,
    Elements-Science is the website us current MA Science Journalism students at City University have set up. We cover all the fields of science between the 19 of us and would love to feature on you table! We would be able to pick any element as we are named ELEMENTS :) but maybe since we are newbies and the website came into being only a few months ago maybe, Ununseptium (since it too was discovered last year!) would be a good one? Or if not maybe Xenon…we have a mixed international class with quite a few ‘foreign’ people! thats our url :
    hope we have a place on the table!

  3. Code for life is one ~30 blogs at The collective is hosted by the local science media centre.

    Seeing as there is not a lot of choice left, whatever suits! I’d have suggested Co, Cd, or Cf for my my blog and Si or Zn (NZ backwards) for the collective, but they’ve gone.

  4. My geotripper blog has a long running geo-series on the “Other California”, so I would gladly claim Californium even though the initials don’t work….

  5. I would like to have Ubn, element 120. It does not have a slot in your PT , sisnce you selected to use traditional depiction of it, but in Janet’s Left Step Periodic Table and ADOMAH Periodic table, which are leading alternative depictions of the Periodic System, element 120 is one of the most prominent.

    Please, let me have Ubn!

  6. Cool idea! I suppose #116 et al are off limits, though I like the “Uuh.” Might I claim #96/Bk? Just Twitter feed for now (@alanburdick), but my many-tentacled blog should be up and running in a week or so.

  7. Someone tweeted that Henry Gee should be Hg, I would concur.

    I just suggested that my wife should be Ununoctium, but she didn’t like the suggestion that she was heavy. Naturally, I think she should be Au.

  8. A reader suggested for Es, PubMed for Pm, f Ra, Cochrane f Co but I’d rather add individuals who ask than orgs and famous people for now. If no one fills those slots, then I will populate with these elements at some point…

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