Chemistry Articles

by: David Bradley

If you're after chemistry articles, please visit my site where we bring you the latest happenings in the chemical sciences from around the world. You might also enjoy my regular updates in the guise of The Alchemist on, in my monthly Research Highlights on Chemistry Views and news updates in Chemistry World, materials science news and commentary on the Materials Today website where I discuss the nanotechnology, molecular electronics and other related chemistry topics.

The first chemistry webzine, Reactive Reports is still online and archives a lot of the chemistry news I wrote from 1999 to 2009 (75 issues). RR was the first webzine dedicated to chemistry news and was, soon after launch, described by New Scientist magazine described as, "A chemistry webzine that is attractively put together and takes a pride in being cutting edge." Reactive Reports was also winner in the 2003 Scientific American Sci-Tech awards and a runner-up several times in the Pirelli Awards. Today, RR is wholly owned by David Bradley and is currently awaiting refurbishment.