Hundreds of scientific Twitter friends

The original list dates back to January 2009. Original scientwists from my pioneering lists are now in my Twitter lists but I rarely update/edit/check those lists now, I’m afraid.

Follow me on twitterThere are hundreds of science types on Twitter – I coined a name to pigeonhole them (although, of course, pigeons don’t tweet, they coo), that word was scientwists although they’re also called scientwitters.

Anyway, I’ve met hundreds of interesting, helpful, and generally nice people on Twitter since I joined in June 2007. Many of them are science types or, to coin a phrase, scientwitters and I’ve been gathering them together here and on the associated Scientist Twibe for almost a year.

By the way, if you’re not on my Twitter lists and would like to be, let me know: tweet, retweet, comment, email…

My original list of 100 science types on twitter posted in January 2009 grew in fits and starts as word spread. @JustinReid wrote a tool to allow me to add user photos and 2020science gave the project a major boost with his bubble chart. Hat tip to Mary Knudson for perspective. Also thanks to Faith Hayden at C&EN for the interview and for mentioning this project and to the hundreds, if not thousands, of science types on twitter who have retweeted the link to this page.

Those with an algorithmic mind may care to check out my Twitter decision flowchart. Helps you decide whether or not to follow someone who follows you. It’s a little tongue in cheek, but gives you a reasonable decision tree.

The original list of scientists on Twitter is no longer being updated, as you could probably see from the many avatar gaps, the out of date bios, the defunct accounts, and the fact that new entries were not being added.

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  1. Definitely, what a fantastic website and instructive posts, I definitely will bookmark your website.All the Best!

  2. Great site and list has enabled me to find some fellow scientists to follow :) I myself am a scientist. I specialise in snowboard design looking at vehicle dynamics, compositematerials and modal analysis. If there’s room for me on the list as well please feel free to add me.

    Liza_Brooks :)

  3. I am a scientist in biocomputing/bioinformatics. I just got back from ISMB 2009 held in Stockholm this year. It was a great opportunity to socialize and networking. Some 1,600 participants. I am also on twitter, as drckitty

    I am at

    I am also on LinkedIn but twitter looks like a lot more lighthearted and fun.

  4. Hey, I’m nthmost ( )

    I’m a science radio journalist and talk show host based in San Francisco, CA. I report on topics of interest for two shows at Pirate Cat Radio (87.9fm in SF and LA): Subversive Science (science research focused) and Common Threads (political and literary focused). I also host a monthly science cafe called The Periodic Apocalypse: Occasional Lectures on the End of the World.

    I host most of this information here:

    At Pirate Cat Radio ( I generally go by the moniker DJ Prefect, a persona with its own twitter feed:

    I’m also a part-time science educator, a film producer, marketer of scientists, and radical connector of geniuses.

    My background is computer science and linguistics and anthropology. I aspire to reassemble the ENIAC.

  5. Interesting list! It’s getting a bit long though, it would be great to be able to have it sectioned by field, country/state, etc.

    I would also like to submit my humble self here. I’m in Computer Science, specifically data visualization. My Twitter handle is @EagerEyes.

  6. Err….so what’s your twitter handle Jason, you didn’t include it in your comment and I couldn’t see it on your web page, just a generic link to

  7. This is a great list. Please (and I ask humbly) add me to the list of science twitterati. And please include FriendFeed as a conduit for scientific edification.

  8. Why not create a Wiki within WordPress for Scientists? That should be quite easy to do and people can add themselves and new information as needed, which would be much less onerous.

    Jon Richman did one on his blog for Pharma Tweeps as an example in WordPress.


  9. Microbiologist/molecular biologist, genomics applications, Mac User, part-time blues guitar player. Research interests include bacterial pathogenesis, pathoadaptation, phylogenomics.

  10. Science influence on twitter and the data visualization is great. While followers isn’t a direct indication of influence, it is really cool to see a snapshot. Can I jump on this list too @labgrab

  11. If you’re a scientwist and you commented, tweeted, retweeted, or emailed me and you cannot find your name on the list please let me know. Managing 400 cientwificos is quite a task, as you might imagine. Also, if you changed your avatar and it’s now gone AWOL on this page, drop me a line and I’ll fix it.



  12. You might add: “Astronautics” (Space and Astronautics News); “Apollo_13” (mission transcript); “Apollo_XI” (mission transcript)

  13. Hi — contact me for scientific experts on anything enviro. If they’re not at UC Davis, I’ll try to suggest where else to look.

    Sylvia Wright
    Senior PIO for environmental sciences
    University of California, Davis (UC Davis)
    Office: (530) 752-7704
    Cell: (530) 219-8849
    Twitter: ScienceWrighter

  14. Hi, I am Space Gal. Thanks for compiling the list. Please add me to it too. My bio: Doctorate student in epidemiology. Thanks.

  15. On Twitter, I’m maninranks. Objective of Science in Triangle is to promote scientific community in the Research Triangle Park, NC. Thanks for your leadership. cp

  16. Portuguese-Brazilian journalist on sabbatical leave. I am currently studying towards a PhD in Science Communication at the Imperial College London. My research interests surround literature and science, with a focus on representations of modern genetics in contemporary fiction.

  17. Enjoy efforts to educate all ages and all backgrounds about the wounderful world of science.

  18. I’d be delighted if you would kindly add me to the list. I have been interested in anything regarding Spaceflight my whole life. Also I have a degree in Computer Information Systems.
    My Twitter ID is @jamerz3294

    thanx, and keep up the good work!

  19. Keeping you up to date with the latest mechanical engineering events and webcasts from the Institution of Mechanical Engineers (IMechE). Twitter name:


    (Sorry, not sure whether to leave the Twitter handle in the URI box or down here)

    Martin Pratt
    SE – Research
    Research and Communications
    1 Birdcage Walk
    London SW1H 9JJ

    Tel: 020 7973 1261
    Fax: 020 7222 9881

  20. Tweets from scientific expeditions exploring the deep ocean (; just been visiting undersea volcanoes around Antarctica, with a second expedition planned for next year, and now also in preparation for an expedition to the world’s deepest undersea volcanoes, in the Cayman Trough.

  21. Behavioral Neuroscience graduate student, enamored with myriad neuropeptide systems expressed within the non-preganglionic Edinger-Westphal nucleus

  22. Ph.D. Research Engineer. Mechanical engineer and computational modeling expert.

  23. I have always been in research first as a bench biochemist in pharma and academe (MS, 24 years) then in R&D Product Development as a Consumer Researcher (exec certificate and MBA for 3 years) now as a Competitive Initell/Recruiting Researcher and Social Media experimentor (PHR certificate and last 5 years). I am a testament to transferable skills.
    Please add me using @dorothybeach.

  24. Hi David

    Great idea and lots of interesting people. Could you also add me to the list? I am a child neuropsychologist interested in developmental neuroscience, the use of technology in learning and science in general. Editor of Child Neuropsychology: Concepts, Theory and Practice

  25. Hi there. Any chance of an add?

    Discussing the opportunities, developments and obstacles to the interdisciplinary field of systems biology. The encompases computational and mathematical biology together with biophysics.

    All the best.


  26. Grad student and future medical school student, amateur microbiologist and geneticist

    twitter: @riley290

  27. many thanks for all the retweets on March 26, and for the whole slew of comments. I am adding new scientwists as fast as I can. If you have a particular hashtag with which you’d like to be associated please leave that alongside your comment to, as I’m planning on adding a fourth column to the table.

  28. Just saw the list for the first time via Nancy Atkinson. I’m retired (lockheed-Martin) which give me time to pursue interests in astronomy, books, cosmology, photography, computers (mainly Mac) internet, general science, aviation (retired USAF) and hiking.

  29. Looks like there are a lot of folks here with similar interests. Thanks for putting together the list!

    Please add me: @wendyhansen — science writer, biophysicist, and DIY enthusiast.

  30. Please add me to this great list — and thanks!
    Here’s the bio at
    Science journalist for Nat Geo News, Universe Today and my own blog, “100 Days of Science.” Interested in the environment, society, travel, triathlon.

  31. Hi David

    Great idea. I’m a rubbish-scientist-turned-ok-writer with a blog called Weird Science.

  32. I’m a virologist with interests in viral evolution, bioinformatics, and structural biology. Please add me to the scientwist list! My handle is “viralnerd”.

    Thank you,


  33. Twitter: @floatingbones

    Hi, David. I discuss the modeling our our musculoskeletal structure with floating compression models (AKA tensegrity models) and the impact to our health. The Bones: They Float!

  34. I’m a microbiology research assistant and lab manager. I shout at anyone who doesn’t wear a lab coat. I love football (soccer), music and youth work.

  35. I’m the Gallery Scientist at the Connecticut Science Center…putting science in the young hands of our future. Animal Behaviorist, Avid Birder…and innovative demo designer!

  36. Please add me as well. A biology teacher, marine biologist by trade. SoCal in the infamous LAUSD

  37. You’re on the list Mr Iconoclast, please retweet the link to this page,, and follow me on twitter so I can DM you.

    Anyone else want to join the gang, just tweet, retweet, comment, or email me. Let’s see if we can get to 300 scientwists by the end of March, eh? Share the link with your lab friends too…

  38. seamouse enthusiast, student, mother, lepidoptera lover, biologist, invertebrate conservationist.

  39. Brazilian Lutheran University Scientwists & Professor. I do my best to make Physics interesting. I see myself as a digital bridge instead of a digital immigrant like many of my generation.

  40. We’re actually now up to 230, not 214, did a quick recount just now. Looking good. Keep ’em coming folks, the more the merrier. Lets prove Nachiket Vartak wrong. He reckons natural scientists don’t twitter. I, and Bora, beg to differ.

  41. Hi, I’m Sylvain, Ph.D. student in nanotechnology (new materials for micro-nanoelectronics for now) in France. interested in all new techs and science sharing… ‘Hope that talking about science will become broader and global… Desperate that science labs aren’t that much aware of what’s going up in other fields…

  42. Hi, love the list and hope to be a scientwist! Already following you on Twitter.

    Science for Humanity, . Oxford based charity matching scientific capability to human need.

    Would love to be added to your list.

    on twitter as Sci4Humanity

    Many thanks

  43. Hi David:

    Would love if you’d add the Discovery Education 3M Young Scientist Challenge– the premiere middle school science competition in the country!

    Thanks so much!

  44. David, please add my name:

    Biochemist and Herbalist creating botanical skin care and wellness products, doing cosmetic microbiology assays, growing herbs, blogging, teaching college biology.

    twitter name: Sagescript

  45. Did I really write that on my twitter profile? A moment of mental confusion, I imagine.Just dropped in to say I added a direct link to this post at the Nature Network discussion of celebrity science twitterers – in case this attracts a few more nominations.
    Chris Gunter is on twitter (she’s commented in that Nature Network thread) and so is Timo Hannay of Nature Publishing Group. Probably others (possibly some unknown to me ;-) )

  46. @Nils, @Eva It’s a pleasure, I’ve now activated your twitter name (doing it on an ad hoc basis as visitors retweet the post and/or comment here, hint, hint…to everyone no yet activated!)

  47. Oh, THAT’S where my new followers came from!
    I see I need to change my Bio line, though. (I’m no longer in the lab)

  48. Thanks David for recommending both Highlight HEALTH and Next Generation Science! Note that the link for above is broken (the site should be live in the next few weeks).

  49. Its always fun seeing people you know on lists like these. Motorbikematt and I worked at Zero Gravity together… and were on Mythbusters helping bust a lunar landing myth. It will be re-aired on Jan 7th.

  50. No problem Jo, as a thank you for commenting I’ve linked your username in the screen name column. Anyone else want to get linked should comment or tweet me, if anyone wants to retweet this post I’ll put them at the top of the list ;-)

  51. Cool. Not only do I make it onto your list – thanks! – I’m exploiting the information to find others to follow / haunt etc. etc. Cheers, Jo.

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