Scientific Twitter Types - Scientwists

by David Bradley

This is the legacy list of scientwists started in January 2009 and eventually reaching 500+ members. Keeping it up to date became a chore early on as Wordpress couldn't handle the growing number of calls to Twitter, the sheer size of the table, and more to the point updating it when scientwists (scientists, science writers, science librarians, others in science) changed their avatars or bios was becoming a full-time job.

So...I turned to to help organise the Twitter science types into bite-sized chunks of up to 100 arranged alphabetically and Tweeted about it, within a week we had added 100 more members and I expect the list to keep growing. It would be great to have 1000 scientwists by the end of 2009. 10 lists 0f 100 is the TweepML limit on an account, so at that point the project will be perhaps be mothballed or I'll just create a second account, eh?

Science Writer, sci-tech journalism, guitar, singing, photography, family, friends, dog, good wine, real ale. Tweet me @sciencebase or visit
Washington DC
Scientist gone over to the dark side - policy, communication, engagement, and all that stuff! Oh, and am the Science Advisor to the Project on Emerging Nanotech
pining4fjords Michèle Ledgerwood
Scientist. Writer. Editor. Traveler. Linguist. Oenophile. Culinary Enthusiast. Mother.
Mucking about in boats on the River Thames as well as doing Tech Transfer for Cancer Research UK
Washington, DC
Quick news blasts from the American Chemical Society, the world’s largest scientific society
Central Florida
Entomologist, Beekeeper, African Bee (Killer Bee) removal expert, geek scientist,Too Tall. Got questions about Bugs? I can answer them for you!
Science writer, technology enthusiast, and all-around geek.
Policy wonk, ex-physicist.
Edinburgh, UK
geologist, sarky bastard, fan of real ale and proper coffee
Creative communications for science and healthcare
Midlands, UK
One of the archaeoastronomers connected to Leicester University. Doesn’t follow social media experts.
Palo Alto, CA
Helping technical women connect with each other, resources & opportunities through my work at the nonprofit Anita Borg Institute for Women and Technology
College student, twin, Special Education major, oboe player.
iPhone: 40.657547,-74.128082
Scientist, teacher, Photographer, small business owner, cancer survivor.
An STM publisher. Most likely to hashtag: content, STM, EBM, H20, medicine, medical, health, healthcare, primary, secondary care, EHR, EMR, PHR
Guangzhou, China
Chemical pianist
Kolkata, India
I am an entrepreneur, software architect, java, php & wordpress guru, blogger, human being. Need more info? -
Science journalist for Nat Geo News, Universe Today and my own blog, _100 Days of Science._ Interested in the environment, society, travel, triathlon.
Somewhere near Oxford
Galaxy Zoo Technical Lead
One of the Department of Energy
South Africa
In teachers’ professional development. Life long learner
Newcastle upon Tyne
By day Andy is a mild-mannered science communicator. Later, well, I couldn’t possibly comment.
Woodland Hills, CA, USA
Space science writer for and the Universe Today. British, but lives in the US. Enjoys a good beer but prefers tea. A toast and butter advocate
Space and Astronautics News
Space Shuttle, NASA, ESA, International Space Station, astronomy, NOAA, USGS, weather, earthquakes, hurricanes, oceans, animals
Rosman, NC
Pisgah Astronomical Research Institute
research scientist, rookie coder, biotech geek, Mac OS X, Unix, Android, Arduino fan, life extension supporter
London, UK
Science writer, Japanophile, consumer
Stuttgart, Germany
Web2.0 girl, social media freak :)
Myrtle Beach, SC’s Guide to Chemistry, scientist, mom, writer, gardener, musician.
Astronomer, author, skeptic, funny guy, writer
Scientist formulating cosmetics and topical pharmaceuticals.
State College, PA
Assistant Director of The Methodology Center at Penn State, and all around research methodology nerd.
Debrecen, Hungary
Founder of, health 2.0 consultant, medical student and blogger; Second Life resident, Wikipedia administrator and a geneticist wannabe
earth science, physics educator, tech/VW, SL: Ivy Innis
Palm Beach Gardens, Florida
Attorney. International relations, science, space, intelligence, philosophy, writing, book collecting and reading, etc.
Oxford, UK
scientist, blogger (The Scientific Activist)
BioPortfolio is the leading careers, news and information resource for the life science and pharmaceutical industries.
Novato, CA
Prod. Mgr. @ manufacturer of real-time pcr probes & primers
Business Development Manager, Early Drug Development, interested in improving drug development with new technologies, cycling, running and cooking
Bristol, UK
Biologist, runner, and with a new bionic arm
Blugger Beatrice Lugger
Munich, Germany
media consulting, science journalist, web 2.0, social networks
(Bio)chemist who tries to save the world from the bad guys messing around with chemical and biological weapons.
Writer and Editor working for Nature
San Francisco, CA
Scientist by day, blogger by night.
Arkansas Ozarks
Maker of wooden spoons, strong-backed cohort of a wifely potter, gardener, aspiring macro photographer, back yard naturalist with a 40-acre backyard.
Waterhen Lake Sk.
Hi all. I am a high school science teacher in North Central Sask. but my passion right now is instructional technology.
Chapel Hill NC
Science communication: blogging, publishing, teaching.
United Kingdom
Journalist on sabbatical leave (PÚBLICO newspaper). Interested in literature, science and communication. Imperial College PG student.
Cleveland, OH
Serial Entrepreneur, Stem Cell/Molecular Biologist, Commercialization and New Venture Analyst, Funding Finder, Business Buddy, and Fighter of the ‘Good’ Fight.
Low Earth Orbit
Entomology. Nerdery. Gardening.
SP, Brazil
Cambridge, Massachusetts
explorer. biological engineer. architect. photographer.
Open Science, Open Access, and bringing more experimental technqiues to the biosciences.
iPhone: 43.683758,-79.387398
ePatient, MD, eHealth researcher, visual thinker, idea machine, entrepreneur, father, husband, passionate about innovation, humility, serendipity, randomness
Troy NY / Hoboken & JC NJ
Biology PhD, hot off the presses. Looking to move into clinical trials. Specializing in Cardiovascular, CNS, and Opthamology.
A science writer (most recent book: Microcosm)
South Carolina
I am a [science] writer, a college student, an inorganic chemist, an antsy graduate school applicant who relies on coffee to spur literary thought.
Research scientist, contemplating writing a book, spends a lot of time photographing things, eats an awful lot of cheese
Lexington, KY
excitable but quiet chemist. loves kitties, sleep and cooking.
Philadelphia, PA
cell therapy analytics, stem cell research, sci web geek
Sarasota, Florida
Science edu + ocean info and stuff.
Washington, DC
I’m a biological scientist, government consultant. social software experimentalist, catalyst, speaker, advisor, writer, and co-founder of Government 2.0 Club.
Cambridge, England
STM Publisher with the Royal Society of Chemistry: personal twitter @JetPlane
North Carolina
I am the host of ChemSpider, father of two and fun guy all around..
Yorkshire, UK
Diet: Black Sheep Ales-Cake-Coffee. Atmospheric science (NCAS)-chemistry-Environment-Leeds Univ UK -
Oxford, England
Astronomer, zookeeper and journalist, based at University of Oxford.
science-writing, ale-drinking cat calendar enthusiast
Houston, TX
Science reporter and blogger for the Houston Chronicle. I cover everything from hurricanes to nanotech. Likes: family, cycling, football. And ice cream.
Science journalist, formerly at New Scientist, then Nature, now freelance. PhD in developmental biology
claireoconnell claireoconnell
Scientist, journalist with The Irish Times, mother of two gorgeous children and wife of just the one gorgeous husband
Santa Barbara
CoGI is developing global solutions through collaboration, PhD education, and research
San Diego, CA
Biotechnology and Life Sciences Marketing and Business Development (Mary, Founder)
Washington, DC
work @NASA HQ in Legislative Affairs; Space Geek & Political Junkie (R). Also mom of 2 juggling work and play day by day
Königswinter, Germany
All things astronomy & space (and then some) - in tiny bits & pieces … :-)
Culver, Indiana, USA
Science geek heavily invested in ed tech, chemistry and his family. Sometimes I wonder what it would be like to work for Apple. I have too many gadgets.
Philadelphia, PA
Biologist by day, craftster (stamps, calligraphy), baker, gardener, knitter, seamstress, by night… and camerawoman for ForkYou on the weekends!
surgery, scenarios, innovation, technology...' />
I write sf&f, homeschool, native-plant/community/rain garden, costume, <3 FiberCrafts/Geodesics/Buckyballs/CChondrites/SkyHooks; Mom, Wife, NASAFellow, A
Futures/FOREX Trader, Trading Advisor, Science Educator, Blogger, Dorval Islander.
DC area
Health scientist, eHealth strategist, blogger, nature girl. Science+tech+design+art = innovative health solns
Victoria BC
Viruses and bioinformatics
Belgrade, Serbia via Rome
web activist and consultant. project manager. global nomad
Not an expert in anything, but I blog about health at Asia Health Care Blog anyway. Duke alumn that calls Beijing and N. Carolina home.
Davidson, NC
I’m a writer. I blog at and, and I run
iPhone: 51.662125,-0.381676
Biomedical Scientist working in Laboratory Medicine
Gambler, pipesmoker, scientist, historian, writer, and public servant at EPSRC
Collins, Mississippi
An entrepreneur, affiliate marketer, and blogger.
Silver Spring, MD
The Discovery Education 3M Young Scientist Challenge is the premiere National Middle School Science Competition. Erin tweets on this page!
Cambridge, UK
I work in human evolutionary genomics, and blog about the genetic testing industry
World Wide
Spreading health and working for a cure!
Etna, NH
Medicine and martinis. Science and sex. Fashionable and fabulous. Bisexual and brazen. Chirpy cheeky crazy carnal girl.
Kingston/Cape Cod/Cambridge MA
Managing people & programs. Parent. NASA. Science. Women In Science. Westies. Unemployed,help!
I study and teach people how to use bioinformatics to learn biology
To build a dynamic, knowledge based economy DIUS draws together the nation’s strengths in colleges, research, science and universities.
West Lulworth
Dublin-born release engineer living in Cambridge, UK.
Indiana, USA
Physicist, philosopher, drinker, socialite, and overall good chap. Ohh and modest :)
Eau Claire, WI
Confused Individual who enjoys connectedness and confusion.
doctor in london, likes social media, beaches & the meaningful interpretation of evidence. Patient Eye blog on
Edinburg, Texas
A Canadian in Texas. Associate professor at The University of Texas-Pan American studying brains, behaviour, and evolution, mostly using crustaceans.
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Living a life of a Medic
Oakland, CA
Researching cellular senescence, blogging about biogerontology at Ouroboros: Research in the Biology of Aging
Recruiting researcher with experience in science, consumer research and more recently in headhunting in some of the largest companies in America.
Professor of Environmental Health, chronic disease epidemiologist
Hampshire, England.
Science writer, author, journalist.
Southampton, UK
Philosopher, bounder, provocateur, distinctly average psychologist, even worse photographer.
Major Research University (MRU
Dr. Isis is a physiologist and blogger at She writes about being a woman in academia, science, and shoes.
V St NW & Flagler Pl NW, W
Science Policy dude, Writer for Ars Technica, sneaker fiend.
San Francisco, CA
Science is sexy.
Isle of Wight, UK
Author of "It’s ONLY Rocket Science - An Introduction in Plain English". Also Engineer, Astronomer, Freelance Science Writer and Speaker.
DrQz Neil Gunther
San Francisco Bay
The Netherlands
a Dutch psychiatrist working in a University hospital
Washington, DC
CEO, Better Health LLC
British Columbia
Assistant professor @ the University of Northern British Columbia
Biologist turned epidemiologist (the dark side to my bench friends) studying cancer. Soon to be phd. Fascinated by biology DNA & gene-environment interactio
science communication - but not so much here, I’m afraid.
Washington, DC
Eternal New Yorker who is passionate about science, public health and science writing/communications. Heading to grad school shortly, freelancing presently
Mystic, CT
Science writer, creator of Not Exactly Rocket Science, works at Cancer Research UK, lives in London, married to Alice, addicted to internet.
Follow me for the latest from EMBO, the European Molecular Biology Organization
Enabling Grids for E-sciencE (EGEE) is the largest multi-disciplinary grid infrastructure in the world
Eagle, Idaho
Versatile Tissue Simulation for Biomedical Research & Education
Washington DC
DC lover. Knowledge kindler. Indie bliss-rocker. Crypto-dancer. Sun-dappled genomicist. Binary auteur. Chiffon-strapped carpetbagger. Quixotic mudlark.
Princeton, NJ
Mad Scientist
eroston Eric Roston
Washington, DC
"A generalist is someone who learns less and less about more and more things until he knows nothing about absolutely everything." — Edwin Salpeter
European Union of Science Journalists
The US East Coast
Outer Worlds & Deep Space
The Art and Science of Exoplanets and the Search for Life on other Worlds.
Southern Ocean
Expedition exploring undersea volcanoes around Antarctica
Faculty of 1000 - expert post-publication peer review. Identifying the biomedical papers that really matter.
tech r&d: mobile, wireless, energy. innovation. ventures. social entrepreneurship.
Northeast US
MPH, BS Biochemistry, Nutrition, Integrative Medicine, Diabetes (current work), Aerospace Engineering (former work), Simple Food.
Kensington, Greater London
birder (I run @BirdGuides), moth-er, butterflier, periodic table maker and gadget freak
Third year Ph.D. candidate in Chemistry. Academia awaits!
Cambridge, UK
Linux, Mac, Paddling, Molecular Biology, Geek, blogger, Mythtv, Reader, Climber, and now house renovation!
fisicainteressa Renato P. dos Santos
Scientwist and Professor. Physics teaching, Web 2.0, Second Life, RPG, History of Physics, Epistemology, …I do my best to make Physics interesting!
Eustis, Fl
Florida Citizens for Science Communications Director
Gilbert Corners, New York
vision scientist, ex pixar
The Colorado Front Range
I study the modeling of our musculoskeletal system with floating compression models (AKA tensegrity models). The bones: they float!
Revolving around science, photography and music. Experimenting with the ways science is done.
The Flying Trilobite - art in awe of science. Illustration by Glendon Mellow.
Medicine Hat, AB, Canada
Semi-retired biology teacher. Also working with student teachers. Mac user. Alberta Science Literacy Associaiton Board Member
Maui, HI
surfer-physicist (multiclass)
Clean energy entrepreneur and blogger. and, Kayaker, Outdoorsman
Paisley, Scotland
seamouse enthusiast, student, mother, lepidoptera lover, biologist, invertebrate conservationist.
Manchester UK | Blacksburg VA
Biochemist, Computer Scientist, Systems Biologist, Professor, Flyier, Programmer, SysAdmin, Enzymologist, INTP, Geek!
Upstate NY, USA
Scientist, photographer, former college professor, current FFS math / science chair
Geneticist, recovering Nature editor, buddhist, and single mom in Huntsville
Mom who writes about ADHD and science projects. Not necessarily in that order…
Sacramento, CA & Calaveras
Twitter Apprentice | Med-Tech Biz Dvlpmt Consultant | Dog Lover | SciFi enthusiast | Auntie | ENFP | Love Jesus | Good Friend | SARTA MedStart
London, UK
Nature Publishing Group evangelist. Varied interests to do with science communication, publishing, marketing/PR. Aspirant nu-geek. Loves shoes
Efland, NC
Middle School Biotechnology Teacher, Scientific Visualizations, Learning Progressions, #apbio
London, UK
News and comment from the Guardian’s technology team
Knoxville, TN
A phd student in planetary science & geology. I play with thermal cameras, neutron detectors & video games. I like physics and electronics.
A clever & funny videogames netcast that chats to academics and other cool people, with new music for every show.
Morzine, France
Medical writer and editor, skier and francophile
St Andrews or Edinburgh
A physics student, but with social skills
Washington, DC
Editor in Chief of
Salisbury, England
Traffic and transport psychologist based at University of Bath
Bradford on Avon
I’m a Scientist, Get me out of Here! is an online event that gets young people talking to real scientists online.
London, UK
Keeping you up to date with the latest mechanical engineering events and webcasts from the Institution of Mechanical Engineers (IMechE)
imyra_mi_chan imyra_mi_chan
A Biologist, violinist, and a little geek. I think it is a very good combo =)
Inderscience publishes more than 250 international research journals in a wide range of disciplines. Follow our tweets to get the latest on highlighted papers
Tempe, AZ
Genetics major, music fiend, integral obsessive, love/hate relationship with humans.
Currently work for small systems biology company Plectix BioSystems, launching a cell signaling web-based platform called Cellucidate. Returning to Grad School
Grad office most likely
Geology, Sedimentology, Stratigraphy, Grad Student
Just some astronomer. Or proto-astronomer, at least.
Mebane, North Carolina
Science Blogger, developmental biologist researcher, aspiring college professor
Ann Arbor, MI 48103
Pharmacology research scientist interested in the cardiovascular system, homebrewing and all things geeky.
Hinxton, UK
Bioinformatician throwing data around.
Los Angeles
I am where my actions take my thoughts. Thinker, Entrepreneur, Pharma Field Medical, Competitive Intelligence, Mom 1.0 leading Business 2.0.
San Francisco, CA, USA
scientist - web developer - indie rock musician. That last one is kind of stretching it.
Los Angeles, CA
I’m an astrophysicist…with many earthly interests: travel, technology, science, & soccer among them.
Cambridge UK
(ex)chemist definitely a coder, a guitarist and a burgeoning bassist
jayhawkbabe Michelle Gill
New York, NY
Biophysicist-studies enzyme dynamics via Nuclear Magnetic Resonance/Postdoctoral Fellow Columbia University/B.S. Kansas/Ph.D. Yale/Mac-Unix chick
Associate Prof of Chemistry
Child neuropsychologist - director
Windsor, Ontario, Canada
High School Chemistry Teacher, Web 2.0 initiate, lover of corny jokes, and Father and Husband in the best family ever.
Portsmouth, UK
Sci, Tech, Med & Scholarly news from Wiley-Blackwell books and journals, and my own general ramblings… (for embargoed news please DM me)
Berkeley, CA
Biophysicist. Side interests: photography, home-made kites, technology for public health.
Former biology professor turned science policy fellow, blogger, and artist. Currently working on new media/communications/Gov 2.0.
Idaho, USA
Cell & cancer biologist, educator, biological modeler, husband & father, outdoor adventurist, enjoy poetry, writing, music, philosophy, sunsets & su
web video/science communication/tv producer/general-purpose geek
University Of Leicester
supporting the small worlds project
London, UK
Science Information Officer & Research Liaison Officer (formerly Islet Project Coordinator), Diabetes UK
London, UK
Senior Editor at Nature Materials and freelance science writer
Quadsville, Iowa 52722
Champion of Science. Invoker of Logic. Promoter of Reason. Educator. Security Professional. Astronomer. Blogger. Skeptic.
London, United Kingdom
A chemistry PR, I love science, tech, Macs and PCs, comedy and miscellany
Cambridge, MA
Physiology graduate student, science editor, intern at Nature
New York
Becoming science educator extraordinaire; having fun with informal science education- I teach 'cause I can't help it! I'm a total nerd about STEM
san francisco, california
science craft awesome geology
Natural History Museum scientist, Beagle Project science directrix, blogger, romantic materialist, Darwin groupie, hella telemark skier, reluctant Londoner
Work for a great Chromatography Company - trying to add more color to the world
New York and California
science journalist who likes biology, astronomy, history, good writing, and places where these things intersect.
Szeged - Ghent
Open source, The Universe and Everything. But most of all DRUPAL and LIFE SCIENCES. Co-founder of Pronovix.
Kyrsten_Jensen Kyrsten_Jensen
iPhone: 49.205055,-122.904495
Science enthusiast, political junkie, knitting fanatic, music maven
Beaufort, NC
Marine Biologist, Writer, Musician, Purveyor of the Spineless, Evangelist of Open Access
A magazine for laboratory managers and research professionals. Ken is the GM of Lab Manager and LabX.
Orange County
LabRoots is a free, social networking site that enables scientists, engineers, and other technical professionals to connect, collaborate with, and learn.
Iowa City, IA
Molecular Biology Grad student at UIowa who runs a science social network. Enjoy the news and stop by the site!
Auctions and classifieds ads for new and used laboratory equipment, medical, test, process and pharma.
Medical Librarian, former scientist, mom, wife and human
LCGC Europe publishes peer-reviewed articles on chromatography, sample preparation, electrophoresis and more. We also produce e-mag The Column, available online
Fresno, California
reconciliation ecologist, evolutionary biologist, cine buff, amateur nature photographer
Assistant Director of Science Outreach at COMPASS. I get giddy about oceans, fish, deep-sea corals, science journalism, evolution, communication, behavior
Father of 5, Minister For Science & Innovation, Labour peer, car nut
New York
Environmentalist/Blogger/Journalist/Conservationist @
pittsfield, ma
editor at laurin publishing; interests: photonics, lasers, light, science, physics, forensics, cameras, biotech
Reading, MA
spouse, pop, guy in the choir, physical chemist, computer/web dilletante
Emmaus, PA
Lunatic Astronomer
United States
The American Lung Association is the leading organization working to save lives by improving lung health and preventing lung disease.
Publishing of all flavours (working in online STM), London, the countryside, the world
New England
Philosophy prof. Aikido Blackbelt, Blues guitar player, terrible drummer. Love Bassett Hounds. Drink red wine and Jack Daniels — not mixed together.
en la costa del Mediterráneo
Profe de BioGeo, miembreo de la RedBioGeo
Munich, Germany
String Theorist. That says everything, right? Besides that: web addict, coffee addict (espressionist) and addicted to my wife *charm*
Porto Alegre, Brasil
Doctorate student. Transposons. Arthropods. Phylogenomics. Python. Bioinformatics. Science. Robotics. Linux. Evolution. Good and True Indie Rock.
Simonyi Professor for the Public Understanding of Science and Professor of Mathematics
science blogger, podcaster and doer
Science-Mum of Two
La Jolla/San Diego, CA, USA
Solar and heliospheric postdoctoral research fellow. Welsh, but currently lives in California, USA. Enjoys good tea, coffee, wine, and beer! Loves travelling!
Kendal, UK
Astronomy writer and Outreach Educator and frustrated martian! :-)
Loves: teh internets, videos, internet videos, things you can play (especially poker). Also cheese. Officially: Multimedia Editor for science charity
BDM in pharma B2B publishing. Looking to discuss all things pharmaceutical and publishing.
San Diego, CA
San Diego Biotech Babe
MaryKnudson Mary Knudson
Washington, DC metro area
Health/medical journalist teaching writing at Johns Hopkins U., interested in future of journalism, heart failure, animal appreciation
Minneapolis, Minnesota
Journalist for magazines and Web, author, blogger, photographer, obsessive traveler. Professional disease geek. Recovering newspaper reporter. Also @MRSA_blog.
Weinheim, Germany
Editor-in-Chief of the materials science journal Advanced Functional Materials. Solar cells, organic electronics, and more!
Paris, France
Common sense quantum physicist, easy to grasp approaches to quantum physics, Physics Quote of the Day, Blogger, Wiki-projects
iPhone: 39.744446,-104.996002
Icarus Consultants, Pharma, Biotech, Marketing Strategy, Competitive Intelligence, Science, Market Research, Oncology, Cancer, Hematology
London, UK
Editor at Nature. Reader, parent, blogger, commuter. Find me at Nature Network and FriendFeed - where my worlds collide.
Seattle, WA
Neuroscientist , Foodie, Music, Travel, Reader, Outdoors
Computational Chemist from Minnesota living in Singapore
Flight Academy Blogger, World Traveler, entry level science/space nut
Brief Interesting Facts and Tips for Medical Students.
Santa Monica
Human Genetics Researcher
Manager, Public Outreach for the American Society for Microbiology
Washington, DC
biologist interested in neuroscience, data vis & analysis, digital collaboration, and open publishing
I’m a high school biology teacher in Maryland. My class blog is Extreme Biology.
New Mom. New PhD grad. Contractor for NASA Ames Research Center.
Westlake Ave N & Republica
Somewhere between a molecule and a byte. Open data geek. BizDev for EC2 (esp large scale computing) at Amazon Web Services
London, U.K.
Neuroscience postgrad, science blogger/ writer, film buff, funk fanatic, amateur photographer, bibliophile
molmodelblog Molecular Modeling
Keep updated with what’s new in the modeling world, read executive summaries of the latest literature and stay in touch with peers.
Oxfordshire, UK
Martyn Bull: working with science, media, and the web in Oxfordshire, UK
Freelance molecular evolutionary biological videographic scientific microgravitational communications space specializing program manager & Phish head.
San Diego
The SUPERBUG blog: Digital whiteboard for a new book by Maryn McKenna, science journalist, author, blogger. SUPERBUG the book: Coming in 2009 from Free Press.
Cambridge, UK
Organising the world’s scientific data, 140 characters at a time
Writer for and Space Lifestyle Magazine
Washington, DC
Science and medical writer, blogger for US News & World Report, sometimes gardener.
A website dedicated to nanomedicine and bionanotechnology
Ankara, Turkey
Ögrenci. Student. Blogs about nanotechnology in Turkish.
Washington, DC
The National Academies Press (NAP) publishes the reports issued by the National Academies.
Nature Protocols is an online resource for authoritative, peer-reviewed protocols.
Low ranking bioscience bod working at the academic coal face. Also likes to do other things. Rarely does them though.
Ann Arbor.
Clinical Scientist, Psychologist, and editor of These are my SNPs on academic life
Guitarist, scientist-in-training and general arse. Available for birthdays, weddings and Bah Mitzvahs.
London 2.0
Neuropsychology postgraduate, researcher, blogger.
Averill Park, NY
High-quality, convenient, and reliable lab equipment. Our goal is to make lab procedures faster and easier.
Cupertino California
NextBio is open science — search across all of the world’s life science information, share data, and collaborate.
Following the intersection of science, technology and information. Edited by @wjjessen and @hleman
‘Nature’ editor who thinks neuroscience isn’t exactly rocket science; it’s more like brain surgery.
Charlottesville, VA
Astronomy grad student by day, bellydancer by night, and skeptical all the time.
Librarian in the Rowland Institute, Harvard University
Editor, EMBO reports
novoseek is a biomedical search engine based on NLP technology
Kingston, ON
bioinformatician, biologist
Quadsville, Iowa 52722
Astronomer. Scientist. Blogger. Photographer. Mac user. Atheist. Single. Skeptic. Futurist. Primate. Secret Agent. Sock Monkey.
The Universe
Replacing god with Reason.. one tweet at a time

Theoretical Physics -student and a photographing sci-fi geek.
Academic, Scientist, Blogger, Music and Book lover, flirt...
On-Screen Scientist blogger. Marketer and author of science education software (OnScreen Science, Inc).
We make chemistry learning content free, open and available to the world
orthostichy David Welch
ÜT: 55.830074,-4.261692
Market development with Life Technologies: stem cells, primary cells, and other exciting things
San Diego, CA
Marine biologist and science blogger
My daddy was a grizzly bear and my mama was a mountain lion. I’m a geologist.
Award-winning writer & author, ex- NASA PIO, covers space news & OK crime for Examiner
Arlington, VA
Colombo-Canadian Brit-gringo scientist, work at NSF running climate change programs, and running their Twitter channel
Davis, CA
Evolutionary biologist, Open Access advocate, and Professor at UC Davis
Palo Alto, CA
Freelance science communicator who studies, researches, strategises, writes, markets, in an atheistic, artistic, married, enthusiastic way….
New York
Dr. Cliff Pickover, author of 40+ books, science, science fiction, technology, strange reality, futurism, innovation, mathematics
State College PA/Frederick MD
Social Media & Web Apps since 1995. AFCEA, InfraGard, PRSA. Rainmaker. Cluetrain rider. Catholic layman. Dad. Trendspotter. Analyst/Scribe. WELL alumnus.
London and Colchester, UK
Innovative Publisher in the biochemical, cellular and molecular life sciences. Subsidiary of the Biochemical Society
Honeoye Falls,NY
Chaotic, loud, energetic, fun-loving,22 year veteran physics teacher. Recently National Board Certified and NASA MESSENGER Fellow. STANYS Physics DAL
Victoria BC
Communicating science & technology; wiener dog walks; YouTube junkie; social media
virus guru, professor, host
neuroscience aficionado, web 2.0 enthusiast, budding geneticist, natural-born feminist
The world
Podcasting university lectures and science education project
Anaheim, California
Learning to be Internet savvy, mostly for knowledge and fun.
Arlington, Virginia
I am a writer and scientist. I am also the Abbess of @TheUrbanAbbey, a monastery w/out walls. Also, in my copious free time, I’m a moderator of @bookies.
iPhone: 53.049900,-3.000662
Doctor specialising in Obstetrics & Gynaecology in U.K,interested in Blogging,web 2.0 & web designing native country Srilanka.Tamil
Writer (NYT Mag, Oprah, etc), Contributing Editor, Popular Science, Author of forthcoming "The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks" (aka HeLa)
redfender Red Fender
iPhone: 39.862057,-104.671234
Microbiologist/molecular biologist, Mac User, sort of guitar player
Ypsilanti, MI
I’m a biomedical illustrator who loves music, genealogy & kitties.
Marlborough, Wiltshire
Business Information Entrepreneur; sometimes triathlete; likes to swim; interested in chemistry, life sciences, sea kayaking.
Medical writer learning about Twitter
Alexandria, VA
Research!America works to make research to improve health a national priority.
The best blog posts about peer-reviewed research
Cambridge, Mass.
Creating an online community for scientists and researchers!
Fort Myers, Florida
School teacher, amateur astronomer in pursuit of the Herschel 400
Barboursville, Virginia
AKA Richard Drumm The Astronomy Bum, President, Charlottesville Astronomical Society
Psychologist, author and magician.
Web developer, graphics guy, mechanical engineer
Entrepreneurial Scientist & Pharmacologist interested in how our senses and receptors work and everything else that follows from that...
Mad scientist, poet, gadfly
London, UK
News and banter from Jon Edwards in the RSC press office
Father. CEO & Founder @ BioDATA - a BioIT startup company. Biologist. Macist. Guitar Noise maker.
current project: bluff way through theoretical quantum physics phd, with no maths or physics training whatsoever…
Biological Engineer, DNA Network co-founder, Science 2.0 enthusiast
The Netherlands
Science and technology enthousiast with photography and computer programming as hobbies
Boulder & YYZ!
I’m going to space, want to come? I’m a globe-trotting PhD candidate who loves to play hockey, sail, and ski. My passion is space and I’m an astronaut hopeful.
Longmont, Colorado
Biochemist and Herbalist creating botanical skin care & wellness products, doing cosmetic microbiology, blogging, teaching. Love herbs, food, gardens, fiber
Winston-Salem, NC
biophysicist; associate professor of physics
ER physician, writer, father, disambiguant
software engineer, psychology and cognitive neuroscience enthusiast
Lover of learning; Mom to many; Scientist and Teacher, High School Chemistry, Physical Science, and Biology Teacher
a radiologist peering into the interwebs
Issaquah, Washington
CEO Coach & Business Sherpa
Science for Humanity is a not-for-profit organisation seeking to match scientific capability with human need.
Philadelphia, PA
Science Cheerleader, writer, blogger, doer, increasing adult science literacy, raising the ranks of citizen scientists, opening doors to public participation.
Sciegirl Robin Kolnicki
Mass, USA
eclectic academic: Evol Bio., Cen DNA, histones, kinetochores, bats, lemurs/ transposable retroviral elements / orthomolecular med
The North Pole
Dispensing daily interesting science facts to the masses. DM fact suggestions!!!
Washington US
I’m a science educator, blogger, and EdD candidate. Hobbies? Who has time?
Winchester, at INTECH
Regional Officer for the British Science Association in London and the South, and occasional in-house designer, a varied but cool job!
Silver Spring, MD
Follow us for official Science Channel updates, network exclusives & breaking science & tech news. We’re not just test tubes & beakers anymore…
Boulder, CO
physicist, writer, educator, blogger, podcaster, consultant. 8-)
University of Illinois-Urbana
University lab instructor, video science book reviewer, former international model who LOVES science!
Science (from the Latin scientia, meaning "knowledge") is the effort to discover and increase human understanding of reality.
The National Association of Science Writers fights for the free flow of science news.
South Africa
ScientificFeed strives to educate the masses through simple one-liner "did you know" facts.
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
(Mostly) thoughts about technology for science libraries and publishers. See my blog for more info.
Biotech, Diagnostics, Science blog-publishing, Science blogging
San Diego California
Scientist Solutions is a life sciences web discussion board run by scientists for scientists with the mission to connect every scientist in the world
Scitable by Nature Education is a collaborative learning space for science undergraduates.
San Diego, California, USA
San Diego Biotechnology Network
Los Angeles
Physicist, writer, raconteur.
Washington, DC
Our mission is to facilitate evidence-based decision making at all levels of government by bridging the gap between science and politics.
seapr Shelley
Cape Cod
United States
Content manager for, free authoritative medical search designed for and by doctors
Nevada, here and there
Geologist, meanderer, explorationist
Houston, TX
Medical librarian interested in evidence based medicine, librarianship, and social media
Cambridge, MA
Social Pharmer (Social Media in Pharma) | Founder and Host, Med 2.0 Blog & Podcast (
St Louis, MO (38.629447, -90.2
Sigma-Aldrich is a Life Science and High Technology company. Our products are used in research, biotechnology, pharmaceutical development, and manufacturing.
The frozen tundra of Michigan
astronomer, variable star junkie, fundraiser, blogger, gardener, musician, madman
SimPhone Simeon Trieu
San Luis Obispo, California
Making my way to China, one degree at a time. Cal Poly SLO student, MSEE/MBA, Light Emitting Diode Researcher, Photonics and Bandgap Engineer, International Biz
SimpsonDR Duncan Simpson
Cambridge, UK
Research Networking in the University of Cambridge Multidisciplinary Interdisciplinary
Newcastle Upon Tyne, Newcastle
Bioinformatician, (sometime) blogger, (more often) microblogger
Connecticut, USA
Grad Student - Scientist - Raconteur
Working on a doctorate in transfiguration theory (Condensed Matter Physics - Phase Transitions).
Rotterdam, South Holland (51.8
a sciencegeek!
Chicago Burbs
I work with soap and lotions and stuff.
San Fernando Valley, CA, USA
Biology teacher SOCES AP Honors Regular Volleyball SCUBA marine biologist
Monroe, Michigan U.S.A.
43 year old science & astronomy buff that’s always gazing into space.
Minneapolis, MN
Mystic, Connectictut, USA
Science, medicine, philosophy, art, connector, writer, translator
stardiverr Luann Lee
Washington State
Shark-diving NBCT AYA/Sci 1998, teaching biology, physics, and marine biology; doctoral candidate; SCUBA instructor; aquarium volunteer, technology fan
Programmer | Photographer
51.520223 / -0.118331
science design
at home
Podcaster Mom who loves Science, SciFi,Gaming and raising Geeky kids!
Edinburgh, Scotland
Research fellow at Edinburgh Uni working in systems biology
Physics, Drupal, eCommerce, Science, Skeptic, Think, Liberal!
Coastal NC, USA
Astronomy, Space, Night Sky, Astrophotography
North Carolina
Davidson grad; geek of green, tech, public policy, and social change. Moving to San Antonio in July '09
Mead, Washington
Internet Marketing, Science Education, Web Design, affiliate marketer
Antibody news from realbiotek
United States
Beauty questions answered by the scientists who make the products
A physicist with a deep passion for communicating science to the masses
Houston, Texas
I’m the one who blinded him with science.
Hartford, CT
I’m the Gallery Scientist at the Connecticut Science Center…putting science in the young hands of our future.
Santa Barbara, CA
Science is the root of hope. Read about the latest research on health and fitness in my blog.
London, England
Dazed and confused
Editor, Molecular Systems Biology. Most of my online activity is tracked at
Philadelphia, Pa. USA
MS sharepoint consultant, science writer, martial arts enthusiast, reader
Lexington, Kentucky
I am a speaker, writer & consultant on sustainability, forestry & environment
iPhone: 51.525739,-0.589528
Biochemist, trainee Bioinformaticist & chocolatier. Kitesurfer. Ecclectic, though wide & deep.
toraks toraks
Newcastle upon Tyne, UK
Professional scientist; mother; wife; newbie author; sexy woman; sci fi, fantasy, & romance reader; American; mitochondria & Drosophila reseacher
Links, Ideas and Conversation from the TreeHugger hive mind, the latest in modern green.
Biology Teacher Post-16 in Londons not so trendy Tottenham. Full on Geek. Likes Zombies and coffee.
Madison, WI
Science/Technology Teacher sharing his interest in all things about science. Maybe some humor thrown in.
Grad student and future medical student. Amateur microbiologist and geneticist
Houston, Texas
Media relations rep at UH
University of Houston media rep & alumna (BA, JOUR; MA, PR); science writer; “retired” musician; interests: eldercare, Maine Coon cats, music, cool shoes
Health- and nursing informatician, professor, e-learner, learner,
Los Angeles, Ca.
Mom, former journ, manager of the NASA-JPL news office; & the voice of NASA missions @MarsPhoenix (’08 Shorty Award winner), @MarsRovers, @MarsScienceLab
Chapel Hill, NC
I am a virologist with interests in evolution, bioinformatics, structural biology, synthetic biology, evolutionary psychology and writing.
Portland, OR
Science, crafts, writing. Rinse and repeat.
Oakdale, CT
I teach. I learn. I love.
Astronomy journalist and blogger
Cancer biologist and bioinformatician, biomedical and science writer, husband and father, easily distracted and interested in everything.
8 Jeremy Ln, West Harwich, MA
State University of New York (SUNY) Biology Professor Emeritus & (e)Learning Consultant
Rotherham, England, UK
Into all things Astronomy, I enjoy finding out Why? alot as well as the other Ws (What Where When hoW and Who)
Computational biologist in plant pathology at SCRI. Potato diseases a speciality.
Working on my PhD in Inorganic Chemistry. Find me here when procrastination calls…
Portland, OR
Graduate student in Behavioral Neuroscience
Charlotte, NC
Achieving national excellence in science
Gilroy, CA 95020, USA
A computer geek and amateur astronomer
Here on earth, looking to the
Women in Planetary Science Blog
I like looking, doing, pointing, sitting, blinking, sneezing, youth work and Science (with a capital S).
Spokane, WA USA
Health sci, educ, & design programs @ beautiful new downtown campus on river. Acct managed by @BarbChamberlain.
Drug Development Earlier and Better, microdose, microtracer, ADME, PK, FDA, MIST, EMEA
Transhumanist, atheist, vegetarian…
computational bioinformatics biology biotech science
Additions for period ending 2009-07-31
Longwood Station, Massachusett
Bio grad student in love with art in general.
Greater Vancouver, Canada
Microbe-loving bioinformaticist and genomics researcher aiming to better control infectious diseases in a sustainable way. Also a Mum.
Washington, DC
Additions for week ending 2009-05-01
pathoadaptation MarkStrom
iPhone: 47.849194,-122.220840
Microbiologist/molecular biologist, genomics applications, Mac User, part-time blues guitar player
Debrecen, Hungary
I am a molecular biologist. I decided to improve my life and help others to do so.
skyponderer Colin Stuart
Freelance science communicator, writer and broadcaster specialising in audio content. Astronomer at Royal Observatory, Greenwich.
Browntideguy George Boneillo
Norfolk, VA
smallpkg Elia Ben-Ari
Northern Virginia, USA
science writer and editor (after doing time in lab), bibliophile, yogi, x-country skier, shutterbug, nature lover, tea drinker, friend, partner.
Scientist, Mega Geek!!! and Music lover!!! with a band that no ones like!
macbruski Ciarán Brewster
Cork, Ireland
Biological anthropologist. Interests: Palaeoanthropology, Upper Palaeolithic, Human Evolution, Science, Scepticism
Blithe Blithe
Los Angeles, CA
scientist, grad student, tech geek, not your average girl
Scientist and occasional blogger, full-time nerd
razibkhan razib khan
Your brain
Blogging on all that is good, bad, and weird in neuroscience
A medical student and graduate student, I am an MD / PhD student graduating this spring and headed to residency!
PhD in genetics, teach at university and other audiences, try to facilitate considered decision making
THE SCIENCE SCOUT DRINKING GAME: Everytime the twitter related science jargon is mentioned, everyone must drink...
Blithe Blithe
Los Angeles, CA
scientist, grad student, tech geek, not your average girl
Additions for week ending 2009-04-24
postdoc astronomer
Manchester, UK
An astronomy blog usually based in the UK. Pondering questions such as "What is the point of Twitter?"
Cardiff, UK
Astrophysics PhD student from Cardiff.
Yet another Perl hacker, pretending to be an astronomer, pretending to be a Perl hacker.
Leiden, The Netherlands
Astronomer, Engineer, Wannebee Photographer
Austin, TX, USA
Dutch, Food & Beer.
nottingham, england
interested in things and stuff, astronomy and life
sevinfo Sarah Vogel
San Jose, CA
Pharma / Biotech information researcher / librarian, voracious reader, and mom
Houston, TX
chemist, educator, policy wonk, working at the interfaces between science and society with an emphasis on nanotechnology
Berkeley, California
Digesting the fungal genomes
ijamsville, md
Stem Cell entrepreneur
surgery, scenarios, innovation, technology...
Madison, WI
I am a Ph.D. dissertator working on Biodiversity Informatics, and the Semantic Web
nparmalee Nancy Parmalee
New York, NY
Graduate student in genetics living in NYC, bartender extraordinaire.
Twitteronia, San Francisco energy and science staff writer. Working on a book about the history of green tech in America.
Twitteronia, San Francisco CA
Science editor for, geologist, beer snob, calm assertive pack leader.
iPhone: 48.834197,2.332917
Astrophysics, cosmology and more
amyforestell Amy Forestell
imarinova Irina Marinova
cbonnett Christopher Bonnett
barnaby_rowe Barnaby Rowe
Wannabe waster but real-life astronomer. Actually I am wondering whether I would rather be a bon viveur than a waster - I daresay I must be getting old.
andrewzirm Andrew Zirm
Baltimore, MD
Astronomer, Traveller, Erstwhile Buddhist, Film/Video Guy
Pleasant Hill, CA
Medical and Science Journalist. SF Bureau Chief for Intl. Med News Group
sf CA
scientist, dad, impressionist - wanna hear Walter Brennan?
klonpapst Marc Egelhofer
Dublin, Ireland
Lab Slave (24/7). Guitar banger and lazy photographer (once in a blue moon).
rnaworld Anne Simonson
San Diego
Fan of: the ribosome; bicycling; molecular evolution; Challenged Athletes Foundation, rabbits. Yes, I said rabbits.
Additions for May 2009 Added June 2009
mireyamayor Mireya Mayor, Ph.D.
Explorer, Wildlife Expert (Expedition Africa),Twice Emmy Nominated Wildlife Reporter for National Geographic, Inspirational Speaker and Former NFL Cheerleader
New York
Freelance science writer and editor, non-practicing oceanographer, hiker, kayaker, yoga fanatic, certified Reiki practitioner
London, UK
First microbiologist, then science blogger, now acting editor at Trends in Microbiology
trolles Andres Fernandez
Santiago de Compostela
Chemistry Graduate, aiming for a PhD in biomedicine.
Portland, OR
Reverse engineering cancer, developing new strategies for anti-cancer drug discovery
Williamsburg, VA
Evolutionary biologist, foodie, love wine, scotch
Molecular Biologist with an interest in circadian rhythms, RNA processing and genomics
jamesaurquhart James Urquhart
Science writer, professional wanderer, guitarist, aspiring film-maker, and on a quest for truth
DJWebber Daniel J Webber
Cambridge, England
Chapel Hill, NC
A blog covering the latest microscopy research, news, events and new products. Authored by Nancy Lamontagne.
Adelaide, South Australia
A conservation ecologist working on ways to improve the fate of the world's biodiversity, including that of the self-destructive Homo sapiens.
marchNks marchNks
General Health Care and researcher
London, UK
Publishers to the Institution of Mechanical Engineers
jbhathaw James Hathaway
UNC Charlotte
science writer, interested in microbial ecology, urban ecology, paleoanthropology
Austin, TX, USA
Astronomy researcher at the University of Texas at Austin
Grants Pass, Oregon
Natural Products Chemist, Medicinal Plant Specialist, New Beekeeper, Science/Nature photography, forager of wild things
Nicosia, Cyprus
Developmental biologist, member of BirdLife Cyprus, and blogger.
failed scientist turned govt flunkie
San Francisco
Synthetic biologist at UC San Francisco, entrepreneur, runner, wine enthusiast.
IET Land, Illinois
IET Ltd. Refurbished Lab Equipment Worldwide! Since 1979! (tweets by CK, Dir. of Marketing) #IET
Chapel Hill, NC
A blog covering the latest microscopy research, news, events and new products. Authored by Nancy Lamontagne.
topoisomerase topoisomerase
molecular biologist primarily focusing on genomics, particularly next-gen sequencing at present. i also possess legendary Guitar Hero skills.
Boston, MA
PhD editor at Cell Press (Trends in Endocrinology and Metabolism) who runs for wine and cheese and owns too many shoes
Lindau, Germany
Lindau Nobel Laureates Meetings, News, Views, People, Quotes and more
Aachen, Germany
Physicist and ScienceBlogger
Bloggende Biostudentin, Zelda-vernarrt, mit seltsamen Musikgeschmack, Heimweh & ebenso nerdigem türkischen Ehemann + dominantem Katzentier
Exeter, UK
CAM researcher, co-author of 'Trick or Treatment: alternative medicine on trial" but really really famous for almost getting fired by Prince Charles
Tampa, FL, US
Theoretical oncologist interested in evolution.
Knoxville, TN
National Institute for Mathematical and Biological Synthesis
Albany, NY
Freelance Science Writer
Tampa, FL
Making Early Drug Development Easy
Raleigh, NC
Consulting firm for biopharma, pharma, diagnostics companies
dfgaddy Daniel Gaddy
Molecular biologist working on gene therapy for diabetes, and looking for a job in biotech/pharma.
Davis California
UC Davis physicist/family guy
physiologyprof Chris A. Hanousek
nearly grown up 60's activist, political junkie, proud mom and grandma, biology prof
Cosmologist and extragalactic astrophysicist working at the Open University.
San Francisco, CA
Passionate participant in biotechnology, clinical operations, program management, trial software, and all forms of communication.
Open scientist, biophysicist -
Molecular Biologist becoming Policy Wonk
Monterey, CA
Science writer specializing in writing about science
Los Angeles, CA
Dr. Ian Cook, Academic Psychiatrist at UCLA
ChemistGeek Joan Manel
I am a medical student.
Karlsruhe, Germany
molecular biology PhD student and science blogger
tech magazine staff reporter, amateur, general science journalist, robotics blogger, sci-fi enthusiast and books and gadgets junkie
JanetStrath Janet Strath
Spent last 8 years at Leeds Uni, now back in London. Love laughing, my cat, drawing and painting (though my PhD is biochemistry).
New York City, NY, USA
Scientific American Magazine and online, over 150 years of science news
???? (??)
Open scientist, biophysicist. Magnetic Resonance Imaging, brain morphometry, fossils, cells, cryobiology, cognitive evolution. Image: .
Washington, DC
Chemist with US EPA and a chemistry adjunct professor with over 7 years of college-level teaching experience.
nshepherd Nancy Shepherd
Founder and CEO Shepherd Research. Business development expertise for life science firms. Scientist- genetics/genomics
Mickle Trafford, Chester, U.K.
Academic - developing health sector and humanitarian agency tailored climate forecasts mostly at seasonal scales. Do you remember Gopher?
Business consultant in the cell therapy & regenerative medicine sector.
rural Missouri
GTDwannaB in HigherEd (Math). Searching for a perfect beer, and willing to entertain candidates.
Cheminformatician into Drug Discovery and Life Sciences.
Charlotte, NC (USA)
Visualization and visual communication are my main interests. I am also a professor at UNC Charlotte.
kshameer Khader Shameer
PhD Student in Computational Biology @ NCBS - TIFR
drckitty Hedi Hegyi
Computational biologist with severe postdoc experience at Yale, EMBL, etc. Interested in alternative splicing protein isoforms and their 3D structure.
Toulouse, France
Expatriate U.S.-born scientist and renaissance woman
Liza_Brooks Liza Brooks
iPhone: 51.438522,-2.138596
Belo Horizonte, Brazil
Biomedical scientist, PhD Student in Biochemistry and Molecular Pharmacology (Lab of Neuroscience)
Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council - pioneering research and skills
Budapest - Spicy world of NanoScience
jgarnettTSC Jeannine Garnett
Houston, TX, USA
Biologist and mother who loves music, travel and scuba.
adairrichards Adair Richards
Science communicator, BBC radio, Christian, Welsh, Coventry, Rugby, University of Warwick, Scientist
Shelton, Connecticut, USA
Analytical instrument solutions to test: toys, children''s products, consumer products, food, water, environment, biofuels, solar, renewable energy and more.
Ft. Greene, Brooklyn (almost)
Physicist at Brookhaven National Laboratory, Intermittent blogger
Science Technology Business Development
Ames, Iowa, United States
Aspiring genetic engineer studying at ISU
ayun ayunda firsty
sciorama Cait MacPhee
England, then north a bit.
Physicist, biologist, all-round scientist. Mother-of-two, slight insomniac, Radio4 listener.
Bloomington, IN
chemistry grad student, wannabe science writer, teller of tales
Columbus, Ohio
mathematician, linguist, astronomy student, author, teacher, atheist, intellectual
New Zealand
Scientist comments on science, philosophy, religion and human rights
HQ:L.A.,Ca +UK, Brazil+China
Science Technology from American Elements- Nanotechnology, Robotics, AdvancedMaterials, AlternativeEnergy, Lasers, Military, GreenTechnology, LifeScience, Space
Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Promovendus & onderzoeker persfotografie en fotografische iconen & docent 'Media, War & Historical Representation' Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam
mitpostdoc An MIT postdoc
Cambridge, MA
hackerkey://v4sw8CFPUY$hw6ln7pr8Pck0ma9u8FLMw7GXm7l7FGKMUi6520Ce9$t3Ab9AHIKLMOPRSTen6a2Xs0r1p -5.62/-1.85g5ACGHMOPRTV
Palisades, NY
The Borehole Research Group conducts scientific research by lowering tools into oceanic boreholes.
Oxford, Ohio, USA
Computational biologist. Interested in gene and protein function prediction, prediction of function from structure, metagenomics
SmallCasserole Ian Hopkinson
Cheshire, UK
...sometimes known as SomeBeans. Scientist. Attention span of a ...
Auckland, New Zealand
Receive immediate updates on the activities of the New Zealand Prime Minister's Chief Science Advisor, Professor Sir Peter Gluckman