Dr Myriam Sarachik

Dr Myriam Sarachik (of City College in New York City) escaped the Holocaust from Belgium to become a prominent physicist and educator.

She will be honoured on 28th February in Paris as the recipient of the L’Oreal-UNESCO’s Women in Science Prize as a laureate.

The selection of five laureates representing five regions of the world, by a jury of world class scientists that includes some Nobel Prize winners, and the award of 15 Fellowships to aspiring young women scientists, has attracted the attention of the scientific community. The prize which has now recognized 91 women from 45 different countries has enabled young women to continue their education and scientific research as they enter the field and has promoted the groundbreaking research of senior women scientists.

Sarachik’s career in experimental condensed matter physics has included work on superconductivity, disordered metallic alloys, metal-insulator transitions, hopping transport in solids, and the behavior of molecular magnets. In particular, she has made seminal contributions to Kondo physics, metal-insulator transitions, and quantum spin dynamics. In her low temperature laboratory, she and her team are pursuing the study of condensed matter properties at low temperatures, with particular focus on two areas: molecular nano-magnets and the novel behavior of two-dimensional electron systems.