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Gatway couponsThere were no Gateway coupons when I bought my first decent PC for my writing (prior to that I had a machine with a 40Mb hard drive and 16 megs of RAM), so it was .full price all the way. That was way back in the early 1990s before Sciencebase even existed and even before we had graphical web browsers.

Things move on.

Sharp-eyed readers may have spotted that, once established, Sciencebase moved on too, from a simplistic static site to a CMS-driven blog. As such, some of the pages (with a small p as opposed to a WordPress big P) don’t have a Related Articles section, they don’t have the ShareThis icon so you can send the page to your social bookmarks or friends by email. The majority don’t have a proper comments box and fall outside the blog archives. This isn’t deliberate, it’s an artefact of the way I set up Sciencebase way back when. You will be pleased to hear that I am gradually bringing those older articles into the fold so that these articles will have all of the special interactive blog post features.

Here are a few that have already made the grade, hopping from an early edition of Elemental Discoveries (the proto-Sciencebase ezine) to the fully fledged CMS – Touch Wood – A Guide to Viagra Louts, the story of Viagra, The Real Butterfly Effect, how the physical structure of butterfly wings is helping technologists create new optically functional materials, and Scientific Stereotypes, in which I discussed children’s perception of scientists and whether or not that perception matters to science.

There are dozens more feature articles in the Sciencebase archives outside the blog system, which you can access using the Science Articles link in the menu above, and I will be bringing them into the main system over the coming weeks to enable comments and other blog features.


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  1. I can better that. My first machine had no hard drive at all, dunno about RAM, but it used a cassette player to store the programs, so maybe it didn’t have any of that either!!!!


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