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This is a legacy page dating back many years to the origins of Sciencebase in 1995 on various web hosts and the original chemistry news webzine Elemental Discoveries. All superceded by the Songs, Snaps, Science blog - as of now.

UPDATE: David Bradley's latest book is still available- Deceived Wisdom: Why what you thought was right is wrong. Check out the details of this witty and informative book here.

Chemical sciences news and features, with a splash of physics, a hint of biomedical research, and a touch of the other.

Back issues (1-98) of David Bradley's Elemental Discoveries are available covering the period 1996-2007.

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Elemental Discoveries Archive

January 2007- Scratchy and itchy,Being particular about DNA, Nervous scoop,PLoS ONE
December 2006- Smoking ban,ntl Netguard,Cocaine pregnancy test, Buying nano this holiday, Emerging environmental contaminants

November 2006 Get research papers for free, Rare cattle and human hybrids,Hangover cures,Starry, starry night

October 2006 Science teacher gets flashed, Male pill, Sciencebase wants your blog andmuch, much more

September 2006 Ambiguity in art, Random search results, Sex and phthalates, Geordie Boffin Podcast launches

August 2006Solid-liquid extraction,Female sexual dysfunction, Pluto dwarved, Chemistry Central

July 2006Hoodia gordonii FAQ,The Art of ET, Grape expectations

June 2006Coffee and alcohol,The erotic brain,Sperm and eggs

May 2006Two-faced electronic paper,Shipping news for physicists, Get your eyes tested ref!

April 2006 Sex Gets Up Women's Noses, Carbon Nanosheets,Interview with Martin Walker

March 2006 Critical Trials TGN1412, Interview with Steve Bryant,Black Eyed Peas

February 2006 Loud music and ecstasy,Uber Pluto,Face Off, Sporty Nanotubes

January 2006 Keep Eating Your Greens, Promise of a Rain Garden, Say NO to Straddling Molecules, Earlier science articles from the Sciencebase archives