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scientific-locationsThis is the site-embedded version of my Scientific Locations Google map discussed in the Sciencebase blog post Scientific Locations Mapped. In it I am collaborating with colleagues in science and beyond to add as many of the most important sites around the globe related to significant scientific discoveries.

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If you want me add a science place to the map, please leave a comment here, send me an email, or tweet me. Credit for places will be given in the blurb attached to each map pin.

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  1. Why do we change foreign place names to other than the real name? Example being Munchen or Munich?

  2. Hello

    Great initiative. Our website might be of interest to you.
    It’s a community website related to thematic routes and locations. A few are related to science.
    Here are a few location sets and routes which might be of interest to you:

    Here an overiview (quite a few are in Dutch) :

    Feel free to link to these locations.
    We are busy to make a set of thematic locations but we still have some things to do.
    I can also integrate your POIs in the site and make a link to your blog and site.

    Kind regards


  3. Philo T. Farnsworth, one of the primary inventors of television, is from Utah but his laboratory is in San Francisco near the Embarcadero. I like to see him get credit for his world changing inventions because it and the financial rewards were denied him in his own lifetime.

  4. @Mike Is that limited value in the same way that a blog post, a discussion on a list, a Wikipedia entry, an operatic performance, a map of favourite restaurants, or an article in the Financial Times is of limited value?

    I don’t think I ever claimed that this map would have any particular value. I started it for fun and it’s garnered a lot of interest from people wanting to add their own favourite science places. Indeed, I’ve made several new connections with people in science who thought it had enough value to want to join. I could have just used a database tool to generate a map of all the world’s research centres, scientific blue plaque sites etc, but where’s the fun in that?

  5. I could, have you got specific examples of major scientific discoveries at those places that I could flag. I don’t want this to be a bare map of universities and research centres.

  6. @Avi It’s on the map, thanks. Yeah, there were predecessors to the wheel in ancient times, probably impossible to pin down to a single site…but you never know, someone might have found the original puncture repair kit ;-)

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