Hundreds of scientific Twitter friends

The original list dates back to January 2009. Original scientwists from my pioneering lists are now in my Twitter lists but I rarely update/edit/check those lists now, I’m afraid.

Follow me on twitterThere are hundreds of science types on Twitter – I coined a name to pigeonhole them (although, of course, pigeons don’t tweet, they coo), that word was scientwists although they’re also called scientwitters.

Anyway, I’ve met hundreds of interesting, helpful, and generally nice people on Twitter since I joined in June 2007. Many of them are science types or, to coin a phrase, scientwitters and I’ve been gathering them together here and on the associated Scientist Twibe for almost a year.

By the way, if you’re not on my Twitter lists and would like to be, let me know: tweet, retweet, comment, email…

My original list of 100 science types on twitter posted in January 2009 grew in fits and starts as word spread. @JustinReid wrote a tool to allow me to add user photos and 2020science gave the project a major boost with his bubble chart. Hat tip to Mary Knudson for perspective. Also thanks to Faith Hayden at C&EN for the interview and for mentioning this project and to the hundreds, if not thousands, of science types on twitter who have retweeted the link to this page.

Those with an algorithmic mind may care to check out my Twitter decision flowchart. Helps you decide whether or not to follow someone who follows you. It’s a little tongue in cheek, but gives you a reasonable decision tree.

The original list of scientists on Twitter is no longer being updated, as you could probably see from the many avatar gaps, the out of date bios, the defunct accounts, and the fact that new entries were not being added.