More intelligent alien dinosaurs

Yesterday, I posted about chemist Ronald Breslow’s frivolous claim that the nature of homochirality on Earth might not be duplicated on other planets and that there might be intelligent dinosaurs ruling other worlds. It seems like it was a flippant and not particularly precise comment piece from a retired, but well-respected, ACS past president about origin of life chemistry. He seemingly added some fluff to his conclusion that has no real scientific credence whatsoever. My blog post and others provoked a lot of discussion about the rights and wrongs of such stuff and nonsense.

Breslow was perhaps having a little fun in his dotage or else the piece was ghostwritten and he never even saw that his throwaway remark about alternative evolutionary paths that might occur on distant worlds could lead to a lizard-like ET was used in his comment piece. Sometimes when you get egg on your face the best thing to do is to simply suck it up. Yum, yum, roaaaar!

2 thoughts on “More intelligent alien dinosaurs”

  1. Yes…Darwin had the evidence of fossils. This spurious comment from Breslow in a paper on an entirely unrelated subject has absolutely no, I repeat absolutely no basis in fact, it’s a pure fantasy. He makes the leap from attempting to understanding why there is a bias in the handedness of some biomolecules (amino acids and sugars) on earth to creating a wholly invented extraterrestrial world of dinosaurs. Jean, I hope you’re simply being flippant and don’t actually imagine that there is any merit in his conclusion. I assume he did it either because he was nudged to make such an outlandish suggestion or because he himself was taking the piss.

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