by David Bradley

E=mc2 FerrariDrivers often prefer to visit the site www.direct.gov.uk/taxdisc to do their vehicle tax online. More information about DVLA (Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency) can be found on the spoof Sciencebasewww.dvla.co.uk page but, Post Offices are under constant threat of closure in the UK. Never a week goes by it seems without the closure of some invaluable outlet in even relatively large villages and hams being cited in the news as yet another example of how this country has gone to the proverbial dogs.

One of the claims of the powers that be hoping to shut down yet more is that there is no real demand for post offices. Pensioners apparently prefer to have their pensions paid direct into the bank accounts. Well, few of the pensioners I know prefer that option, they miss out on the weekly social at the post office for a start if they do.

Some people do prefer to pay bills online, but the same social issue applies to stay-at-home parents who often enjoy the in-queue banter and gossip when topping up their gas card. In this household, we value our Post Office too much to get our taxdisc direct online. I even wrote about the problem in our local village newsletter and celebrated the fact that the Post Office overrode the powers that be and maintained its tax disc status, so if you care about your local Post Office - use it, or lose it.