Alchemy bonus

AlchemistThe Alchemist this week discovers how a bodybuilders’ supplement might help treat Parkinson’s disease, the route taken by mercury from groundwater to coast, and how to boost your storage space with fullerenes. Also this week, physical condensation problems solved and how Raman spectroscopy is laying it on thin to help scientists understand carbon sheets. And, this week’s award goes to Perry McCarty for his pioneering work in understanding waste water chemistry and microbiology. Alchemical happenings on ChemWeb

If you missed the previous instalment, we discovered proof positive that Asian pollution could affect global weather, how to scratch fatty acids from the surface of stone buildings, and discovered hundreds of new drug targets for the battle against cancer. We also did a spot of spring cleaning with a new type of duster for mopping up even the tiniest toxic particles and found out how filling up in the UK became more expensive than ever thanks to an inadvertent silicon injection into fuel. Find out more in the older Alchemist

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