Cool Science Experiments

Sciencebase hosts a collection of science experiments from a cool coffee experiment to how to build a homemade electric motor.

Here is a brief list of possible science experiments, although Sciencebase no longer provides these particular write-ups you can download similar science projects via the links.

  • Black Light Experiment
  • Sinking and Floating Experiment
  • Oil and water experiment
  • Cartesian Diver Experiment
  • Why is the sky blue experiment
  • Clean up tarnished silver
  • Floating Soap Bubbles Experiment
  • Bending Water Experiment

5 thoughts on “Cool Science Experiments”

  1. Mitche

    Your comment is virtually unintelligible, not least because of the atrocious spelling and grammar, if I were assessing your project, I’m afraid you’d lose marks on that basis alone. I simply do not understand what you are asking. Why are there so many different science projects? Well, there are so many natural phenomena any one of which you might choose to investigate, that’s why! But you seem to have decided on a “slime” project, so good luck with it and have fun.

  2. why their so many diffent science projects in the world for u do so u can get an a i guess so then but my school went me to do a whole thing on diffent things okay okay let me get to the point about the projects now if i use some of the things u are telling me about some of the projects noe the one im going to use the one about the silme okay i have to go now thank u very much

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