Element 117

Element 117 discovered, ancient climate, change, and intute’s green service.

  • Elemental discoveries – element 117 – An international team of scientists from Russia and the United States, including two Department of Energy national laboratories and two universities, has discovered the newest superheavy element, element 117.
  • Ancient climate change – Does the Earth follow a 100,000-year climate-change cycle?

3 thoughts on “Element 117”

  1. The ‘Island of Stability’ always touted by labs attempting to synthesize ever higher atomic numbers doesn’t seem to be very far above sea level (fed by proton and neutron ‘drip lines’ no doubt, and their liquid drop nuclear models), perhaps they are better thought of as seamounts, given the very low halflives of both the elements and the workers who spend 24/7 working on this. I have a lot of sympathy for anyone trying to categorize chemical behavior of species that say g’night in the same breath as their howdy-do’s.

    Jess Tauber

  2. An element you say? That whole periodic table thing again?

    I’m still waiting breathlessly to see whether element 120 is the end of the line. This would have a number of important implications

    Jess Tauber

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