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Elemental Discoveries was first published as a spread of chemistry news items written by David Bradley in the mid-1990s for the young chemists magazine New Elements (the name for which, incidentally, DB came up with). In 1996, he began hosting it on the web and by 1999 that proto-blog had morphed into the Sciencebase site, which ultimately became the Sciencebase Science Blog.

Issue 49

The visible way
The efficient conversion of sunlight to chemical energy has generally been the preserve of photosynthesising life. Until now.

Stellar system stifles landfill stench
Anyone living near a landfill will be familiar with the awful smell of decomposing waste. But, those nasty niffs could soon be history, thanks to British researchers who are tearing the odour molecules apart with a plasma.

A closed view of life
In the growing field of research into biospheres, scientists hope to improve their understanding of what sustains life and so improve our chances of colonising space and even saving the earth from environmental disaster.

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Author: David Bradley

Freelance science journalist, author of Deceived Wisdom. Sharp-shooting photographer and wannabe rock god.

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