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Well, it’s the weekend again and the last thing anyone should be doing is sitting in front of their computer, but, hey, you don’t always have a choice, right? You have to keep up with all that reading, just to stay ahead of your game. Well, there is an alternative, and it’s right here under your nose on Sciencebase. It’s called extra silico visualated textual assimilation, or “reading” to you and me.

It often involves the selection of an analog textual disseminator from one’s own shelving or that of the local library or bibliographic outlet. It can, however, also involve the retrieval of a papyric derivative accumulated missive product, such as a newspaper or magazine, which may reach your domicile via the postal service.

What am I talking about? You may well wonder! Free science magazines, that’s what. Check out the Sciencebase science mags section for qualified free subscriptions to a wide range of bio, pharma, chemical, engineering, and biotech publications, including BioTechniques and Drug Discovery Today to which I am a past contributor, Bio-IT World, and Small Times. Every valid subscription helps support my weekday words on Sciencebase, costs you absolutely nothing, and gets you something free to read for those truly offline moments in your life. We all need them.

3 thoughts on “Free offline science magazines”

  1. Zaki, not sure why you needed to search, the link is right there in the post pointing to for free science magazines. Check it out, thanks.

    Mina, yes indeed, apparently there is a whole “parallel” universe in which a few people exist in corporeal manifestations of their Second Life persona ;-)

  2. Hi Dave

    I tried to search for the link to the free magazine stuff you mentioned. I can’t find it. Can you please show me where it is.

  3. Are you suggesting that life exists -off- the Internet? ;) Thanks for the link; I already have paid subscriptions to several science magazines and it’s great to expand my collection. :)

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