Never mind the dinos

A bizarre paper that prompted a massive backlash from the chemical community when it made the ludicrous claim that understanding handed molecules on earth might help explain how dinosaurs could be the dominant species on other planets. However, the paper hasn’t been withdrawn by the American Chemical Society because the paper’s conclusion was so daft, but because there have been allegations of self-plagiarism by the author.

The ACS is, according to the Nature news blog, investigating various issues surrounding the paper and the organisations former president Ronald Breslow.

Nature News Blog: ‘Space dinosaurs’ paper withdrawn amid self-plagiarism allegations : Nature News Blog.

3 thoughts on “Never mind the dinos”

  1. That said, Stu Cantrill’s used a plagiarism detector to highlight the overlap between the earlier “paper” and this one and there’s quite a lot of highlighter on the virtual page…

  2. I think it’s less of a big deal than copying a proper research paper though, isn’t it? People often tell different audiences the same story in slightly different ways…

  3. I don’t agree that self-plagiarism is not a big deal. I think a perspective article should offer a new perspective instead of one that appeared in two other journals. Otherwise, what’s the point?

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