Six-string cabinets

My friend Rob is a cabinet maker by trade. He knows a thing or two about different woods, varnishes and finishes, how to physically bind two different pieces indelibly and perhaps even a few things about lamination when it’s needed.

Rob also plays guitar.


It was no surprise therefore to learn that he was fine tuning his woodworking skills as a wannabe luthier. First efforts involved some wonderful reclaimed materials and the creation with CAD assistance of some novel bracing in carved archtop guitars. His most recent design is a more traditional six-string acoustic with a conventional soundboard and a delightful tone. I’ve been strumming the latest guitar in a growing menagerie for a couple of days now and with a little sunlight pouring into the Sciencebase office, thought it deserved not only a song, but some arty snaps.


Rob is keen for guitarists to test drive his creations, so do get in touch and I’ll put you in touch with him in turn.


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